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‘THE CHURCH’ is not a building. IT'S A COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE building their lives together and growing in God.  Sunday meetings are only one part of church life,  and we all benefit from the day-to-day friendship,  hospitality and mutual care that being part of a church community brings,  which is why Grace city meets together in Connect groups across the Northern Beaches.

Connect groups socialise a lot and eat together often. These times are vital for building meaningful relationships with each other. There is also time to worship together, pray for each other and discuss & apply the Bible.

Connect Group Logo Correct Col                 When and where?

There's a great connect group nearby, the only thing it's missing is you!
Have a look on the map below to find the closest connect group to you. Click on the icon's to find out a little more about all the groups.

The majority of our connect groups meet on Wednesday and Thursday evenings but there are others on different days at different times. Have a look at the list below to find a group for you. If you need any more info then just contact the church office:

tel: (02) 9971 0222 

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Marc, Shay, Dave, Annie Dee Why Evening (Mixed Group)
Geoff & Sharon Belrose Evening (Family Group)
Wes & Belinda Frenchs Forest Evening (Family Group)
Geoff & Ann Frenchs Forest Evening (Mixed Group)
Glen & Sandy Narrabeen Evening (Mixed Group)
Alison Collaroy to Fairlight area Evening (Mixed Group)
Dom & Karien Inner City/Lower North Shore Evening (Mixed Group)
Quinton & Kate Collaroy Plateau Evening (Mixed Group)
Robyn Lewis and Ian McNee Frenchs Forest Evening (Mixed Group)
Matt & Ashleigh Forest Area Evening (Young Adults)
Joel & Fernanda & Tamar Dee Why Evening (Young Adults)
James & Heather Narrabeen Evening (Young Adults)
Julian & Sue Collaroy Evening (Mixed Group)
Scott & Katrina Balgowlah Evening (Mixed Group)
Ann & Vivien Dee Why Midday (Mixed Group)
Nick & Sandra Collaroy Plateau Early Evening (Family Group)