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The Latest Sermon from Grace City Church

God's Providence (download)
Hew talks about God's providence in our lives even though we make our own decisions.
Hew Nunn, 18/06/2017

God of Abraham Isaac  Jacob

Other Sermon Series

1 cor
Parables of Jesus

The Substitute Sacrifice
Kate Simmonds, 11/06/2017
Having a Son and Heir
James Ryburn, 04/06/2017
Called to Bless the Nations
Mike Irving, 28/05/2017
The Gift That Unlocks
Hew Nunn, 21/05/2017
Mother's Day 2017
Adrian & Jess Tam, 14/05/2017
James Ryburn, 07/05/2017
Intelligible Worship
Mike Irving, 30/04/2017
Love is Indespensable
Jamie Brading, 23/04/2017
Easter Sunday
Hew Nunn, 16/04/2017
Good Friday - He Was
Adrian Tam, 14/04/2017