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Can't remember the title of the sermon you are looking for, but you remember who it was by? From this page, you can see the 3 most recent sermons by our regular speakers, and on the right, select the speaker you are looking for to see a full list of their published sermons.

Adrian Tam

Our Great Adventure
Adrian Tam, 13/08/2017
God's Increase
Adrian Tam, 16/07/2017
Mother's Day 2017
Adrian & Jess Tam, 14/05/2017

Hew Nunn

The Day Everything Changed
Hew Nunn, 20/08/2017
Jacob +1 ... or 2
Hew Nunn, 09/07/2017
God's Providence
Hew Nunn, 18/06/2017

James Ryburn

Gift Day 2
James Ryburn, 06/08/2017
Having a Son and Heir
James Ryburn, 04/06/2017
James Ryburn, 07/05/2017

Jamie Brading

Jacob's Dream
Jamie Brading, 02/07/2017
Love is Indespensable
Jamie Brading, 23/04/2017
The Parable of the Lost Son
James Brading, 27/11/2016

Kate Simmonds

Jacob Wrestles with God
Kate Simmonds, 23/07/2017
The Substitute Sacrifice
Kate Simmonds, 11/06/2017
The Abuse of the Lord's Supper
Kate Simmonds, 02/04/2017

Mike Irving

Mike Irving, 30/07/2017
Putting on Esau
Mike Irving, 25/06/2017
Called to Bless the Nations
Mike Irving, 28/05/2017

Guest Speakers

New Testament Worship
David Devenish, 19/03/2017
Biblical Eldership
David Devenish, 26/03/2017
The Hard Questions Regarding Paul's Teaching of Women's Roles in 1 Corinthians
David Devenish, 19/03/2017