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David Devenish

David Devenish is a longstanding leader in the Newfrontiers movement and now leads Catalyst which is part of Newfrontiers. It is a real privilege to have him with us for the month of March. Over the past few years, he has been a Father to us at Grace City Church and supported in a many different ways. He also has many years’ experience of working with churches in the UK and other cultures around the world, particularly in the Muslim world.

David is based in the midlands of England and has been in full-time Christian ministry for 35 years. Before this he worked for an international bank as an expert finance manager, financing large projects internationally. He decided to leave his secular work when the church that he had planted begun to thrive and grow. Since then David found himself involved in the international leadership of Newfrontiers and is privileged to have seen close up how God has blessed many nations and cultures across the nations.

For the last 20 years, he has been released to serve internationally and spent a number of years working with different teams as we as Newfrontiers have sought to plant churches and see Gods kingdom advance.

Have a listen to some of his sessions from our 2015 Camp

The genealogy of Christ and Grace
Dave Devenish, 09/11/2014
Church Camp - Joseph Part Three
Dave Devenish, 26/10/2014
Church Camp - Joseph Part Two
David Devenish, 25/10/2014
Church Camp - Joseph Part One
David Devenish, 25/10/2014
The Joseph Story Conclusion
Dave Devenish, 02/11/2014

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What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a family of churches within Newfrontiers aiming to make disciples in all nations. 

We look to do this in three ways:

  • Being a people of the Word and the Spirit
  • Equipping, supporting and starting churches
  • Empowering people to impact and influence the UK and the nations

To find out more about the Catalyst visit the Website:

What is Newfrontiers?

Newfrontiers is a group of apostolic leaders, working together as teams and churches, united on global mission, and by core values, and genuine relationships.

To find out more about Newfrontiers then please visit the Newfrontiers Website:
David Devenish