Gift Days
Gift Day

August 6th & 13th 2017
Target: $200,000

A message from our elders: 

This year as the Elders have prayed and discussed our annual gift day we have felt challenged by God to step out in faith and to aim for this large target of $200,000. As we look at what we would like to give into this year, we can also see that we will need this amount, and more, to achieve all that God is calling us to.
God calls us to live with eternity in mind, and as we come to giving our money to God, this is so important. Do we 
live for now, storing up as much as we can for ourselves, or do we give freely out of what God has given us whether that is large or small? It’s a huge challenge, and we would like you to pray into it, as we are, and ask God to speak to you about what to give in this gift day.
Thank you for your faith and generosity,
Mike, James, Miles & Hew


Gift Day Recipients

Fisher Road School

Fisher Road School is located in Dee Why and caters for students with an intellectual disability in the moderate to severe range, aged between 4 and 18 years. This year we are hoping to provide equipment for a new sensory playground for the seniors which will include things like an in-ground trampoline, a bed of beads and a nest swing.
For more information about Fisher Road School, visit their website here.

Church Planting Fund

God has called us to focus on Sydney and to be a ‘City Shaping Church,’ which has multiple congregations across the city so that many will be saved. Chatswood is the first one of these sites that we are planting. We want take God at His word and to be intentional in setting aside resources so in the future we will be ready to plant as God leads us.

Care for Children

Care for Children is an organisation setup by Rob & Liz Glover from a Newfrontiers church in the UK that creates a positive alternative to institutional care of disadvantaged children through local family-based care. Care for Children has been working in China for 18 years and has seen over 300,000 children moved from state orphanages to living in loving families. They have also been working in Thailand for the last 5 years and have and have seen 5000 children moved into families.
For more information about Care for Children, visit their website here.


Love Dee Why

'Love Dee Why' is a week-long campaign (2-8 October) during which our church will seek to share the love of Christ with the community of Dee Why through a variety of different initiatives. These include community service projects, larger scale public events, and everything in between. We long for our church to be known as one that celebrates, loves and is actively involved in the life of the local community. This project will be totally funded by this gift day.

Community Foodcare

The Community Foodcare service is a blessing available for any low-income earners that provides low-cost groceries and free vegetables, fruit and bread. There is also a café to give people a place of connection, and this has formed an amazing support community. We want to increase the work we are doing in the community through events such as community BBQs and our Grace City Monday Cafe. Grace City Care also includes ESL classes, which serve the community here on the Northern Beaches.
For more information about Grace City Care, visit our website here.

Unemployment Fund

Many people struggle with unemployment due to many different reasons, which can be a hugely stressful time. We would like to have a fund available to help those that are struggling financially due to unemployment and also to help people who need to retrain to get a job or are trying to start their own business.

Women’s Refuge

We would like to support the excellent work being done by the Dee Why Women’s Refuge that is a community-based service for women and vulnerable families, including women and children escaping domestic and family violence. As well as supporting the brave women and children that flee domestic violence the centre also provides access to early intervention and prevention services.
For more information about Women's Refuge, visit their website here.