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The key word that God has been putting on our hearts at this time is ADVENTURE!

God wants to call us afresh to the adventure in faith that he has for each of us and as a church. For some of us that may be a new call to come to know God and begin this adventure, for others it may be dusting off the call to adventure that perhaps we have parked on the shelf for a while.

The church should be one of the most adventurous places on earth. We are God's people and as such we should be casting off from safe shores where we rely on our own strength and knowledge and stepping out in faith in God on unfamiliar paths

The family of churches that we are a part of, Newfrontiers, started and has continued in this way. Terry Virgo and many others have consistently and radically stepped out where God has led them. 

We need to be taking risks, chancing failure, dreaming of possibilities and being innovative in the way we move forward.

As individuals we have a choice to make; do we prefer the static life of middle-class respectability or the risky, wild and sometimes erratic undertaking of following Jesus?

As we have prayed into this whole area of adventure we have felt God highlight three broad areas that He wants us to adventure in. They are His Presence, Mission and Discipleship.


City Shaping Church

God is continuing to define our adventure and has spoken to us prophetically about being a CITY SHAPING CHURCH.

He is calling us to be shaped by God to shape the city.

Submitting to God's shaping is a challenging process but it is the best way forward for us and it will have the maximum impact for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this season He has refocused us on our wonderful city of Sydney and has given us a vision to plant sites (or congregations) of Grace City Church around Sydney.

We have three congregations, Northern Beaches ,North Shore and Upper North; and we are praying for our next site planting. 

We look forward to all that God has for us as we proclaim His kingdom and I invite you to contact or visit us to find out more.