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Call for Servant Hearted Roadies!

Every band needs roadies! To sustain Grace City’s crucial worship, where so many of us have breakthroughs and an opportunity to connect with God, it’s a crucial role that needs servant hearted helpers ASAP! As a behind the scenes role, alongside those on sound and lights, the roadie is a role for the technically interested with a humble heart to serve the whole Sunday service by allowing the worship gear to be set up smoothly and then packed up. The gig involves being the first one there to get all the gear out of the cages, set up the power to all the instruments, monitors, amps and feedback for the musicians.

 If you’re interested you don’t need any initial skills or knowledge, you will learn about the gear on the go and be one of the few who understands the technical big picture of behind the scenes of how worship works, and  be part of the end result of the immense blessing it is to the church every Sunday. Ideally, it’s a role that you’d commit to doing once a month. 

So even if you are slightly interested let us know! This is your opportunity to be such a blessing to the whole church community and be part of the close knit morning crew that does so much behind the scenes to make our Sunday service a reality that brings people closer to Jesus!

Leave your details below!


Care for Children 

Here is another awesome video about the work of Care for Children. An entire village in China converted to Christianity. The 70 families have now adopted 160 special needs children nobody else wanted. The are now being loved by the entire community, being raised by mothers and fathers who truly love them. It's a really powerful clip so be warned you may need tissues handy to view this, it gets pretty moving! Look out for Francis Chan and David Devenish.
We are delighted to be partnering with Care for Children as part of our Gift Day 2017, what a great work. 


Grace City Community Foodcare Update


Wednesday 19th February 2014 marked the Grand Opening of Grace City Community Foodcare. Grace City Care’s Community Foodcare Centre services around 90 clients each Wednesday, during the 3 hours it is open, with groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh bread.In our 3 years of operation, we have processed over 1100 registered members, who rely on Centrelink benefits to survive and support their families. We currently have over 30 volunteers (from Grace City Church and the community) who selflessly give their time receiving deliveries and stocking shelves on Tuesdays. They also serve our clients in the centre and café on Wednesdays. The café is stocked with fresh treats served free to our clients.

 Apart from the statistics, the real success of the centre is in providing a secure environment where our clients can relax and enjoy the company of our volunteers and each other, in a sustainable community where everyone is respected and valued.

 The following extract from a letter of appreciation from a member says it all:

“I wish to express my gratitude and admiration for the work you do for others. Thank you so much for the time and dedication you offer.I wanted to let you know, that with your help and friendship, you have provided me with the opportunity to maintain a better standard of living than I could hope to experience. I do not feel alone anymore. I feel like I have a family and am loved. You made me happy and that is just great.”


For more info on Community Foodcare please go to


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