Grace city cafe

Cafe Flyer

On Monday mornings, our Community Foodcare offers an extra opportunity for our customers (and others from the Northern Beaches community) to come along to the Foodcare shop for something more....  Grace City Café.
The Café is a “next step” beyond just the shopping experience on Wednesdays that so many people enjoy.
Grace City Café is free, it is open from 10 am – 11.30 am on Mondays, and it meets right in the middle of the Foodcare shop !
The group is welcoming, low-key, and offers free tea, coffee, and yummy food – we don’t sell any food on Mondays, as this is a friendship group only. As well, the Monday Café offers discussion, sharing of ideas, care and support for everyone who comes every week – and we can help with answers to your questions about life as well !
We are happy to pray with people if they wish, or just to listen, and absolutely everyone is welcome.


See you on Mondays, 10 am, at the Foodcare shop, for something different, new friendships to be made, and lots to enjoy.