Church Camp 184


Be refreshed in the love of God, rest from the business of life.

Church Camp is a time of refreshing and rest, where we can sit back and relax, while our meals are being prepared for us; where we can go for walks and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Vision Valley. 

Jesus said:
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Mt 11:28

The camp will be a time to come to Jesus as a family and be refreshed and rested by His love and His peace.


Reconnect with friends. 
The camp is a great opportunity for fellowship with friends from differente sites (Dee Why and Chatswood) and with friends that you see every Sunday but don't have the time to actually sit and talk. In this camp, Chatswood and Dee Why will be together as one family; it will be a time to love and encourage one another.


Recharge your energy both physically and spiritually. 

The bible says: "Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit." Eph 5:19 

This camp will be, not just a time of rest and relationship, but a time of filling with God's love and power.

We believe that God has amazing things reserved for us during this time.
Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of it! 

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The camp will be at Vision Valley Conference and Recreation Centre which is about an hour from the Northern Beaches and 45 minutes from Chatswood. We will be arriving on Friday evening, 6th of July and leaving on Sunday 8th July in the early afternoon. 

No Sunday Church Meeting on the 8th of July.

For more info on the venue visit: Vision Valley


Friday:  Arrive in the evening, have a brief introduction meeting with a short time of worship followed by tea and coffee.

Saturday: We will have breakfast together followed by our first time of worship and preaching. Kids programmes will be arranged for the under 12's. After morning tea we will have a 2nd session followed by lunch and the afternoon free to relax together. This will be followed by an evening meal, another time of worship and teaching and some optional activities for those who have the energy!

Sunday: Again we will start with breakfast, the kids will attend their programmes, while we have 2 more sessions of worship and teaching. After the final session we will have lunch then head off around 2:00pm.

One of the major purposes of the weekend is to bring people together and to strengthen friendships across the church. We will have lots of time to relax over meals and in the afternoons so we can get to know each other and build our Grace City Church family. As well as spontaneous sporting activities, however it will be cold so pack warm clothes and marshmallows!



Most rooms are non-ensuite for up to 4 people (with 2 bunk beds). If you have teenagers, they will be allocated (unless you specify otherwise) into dorm rooms of up to 10 people (5 bunk beds).
(If you have a family of 5 or more, and none of your children are teenagers, and you are not planning on camping, please contact the church office regarding room options)

There are a limited number of en-suite rooms for up to 4 people (2 bunk beds). We can't guarantee an en-suite to all who would like one. If you wish to stay in an en-suite please leave a comment in your registration form. The en-suites will be allocated after registrations close. Be aware that an additional fee will be payable.

Shared accommodation
If you are a couple willing to share a 4 bed room (2 bunk beds) with another couple; or willing to separate from your partner and share a 4 bed room (2 bunk beds) with same-sex friends, please let us know. You might even get a discount!

The other option is to camp, yes you read that correctly, you can camp! For all tent lovers, we have hired a field in the middle of the site for those who wish to bring their own tents and stay at a reduced rate. This rate includes all meals and access to bathrooms and showers.

Single Room
There may be an opportunity for adults to be in single rooms but that is dependant on availability. Please contact the church office for more information.

Children under the age of 13 are to be accommodated with their parents but teenagers 13 and over can either be accommodated in their parent's room or you may request for them to be placed in a room with other 'same-sex' teenagers.

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