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Sermons by Speaker 

Can't remember the title of the sermon you are looking for, but you remember who it was by? From this page, you can see the 3 most recent sermons by our regular speakers, and on the right, select the speaker you are looking for to see a full list of their published sermons.

Adrian Tam

Life With Jesus
Adrian Tam, 29/04/2018
The Necessity of Corporate Prayer
Adrian Tam , 28/01/2018
To The Ends Of The Earth
Adrian Tam , 26/11/2017

Hew Nunn

The Fathers Business
Hew Nunn, 08/07/2018
Reaching Our City
Hew Nunn, 24/06/2018
Hew Nunn, 10/06/2018

James Ryburn

The In & Up of City Groups
James Ryburn, 01/07/2018
An Introduction to City Groups
James Ryburn, 17/06/2018
James Ryburn , 27/05/2018

Jamie Brading

Trusting God Fully
Jamie Brading, 18/02/2018
The Full Conversion Package
Jamie Brading, 22/10/2017
I'm Surprised You're Surprised
Jamie Brading, 03/09/2017

Kate Simmonds

Love One Another
Kate Simmonds, 22/04/2018
Kate Simmonds, 18/03/2018
The Trinity
Kate Simmonds, 25/02/2018

Mike Irving

Mike Irving, 15/07/2018
Mike Irving, 03/06/2018
5 Ways To Live
Mike Irving, 06/05/2018

Guest Speakers

The Kingdom of God is Near
Phil Wilthew, 15/11/2017
New Wineskins
Phil Wilthew, 19/11/2017
13 September 2017 – Evening Meeting
Steve van Rhyn, 13/09/2017