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James Ryburn 

James and Heather       

    "Raised on the Northern Beaches, I love to surf, follow every sport and do anything outdoors.  You can catch me on days off at a playground with my daughters, in a cafe with my wife Heather, or enjoying the beauty of Sydney’s coastline in some way.  I love Jesus, the local church, and what the Bible reveals about both."


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Hebrews 6
James Ryburn, 30/09/2018
The In & Up of City Groups
James Ryburn, 01/07/2018
An Introduction to City Groups
James Ryburn, 17/06/2018
James Ryburn , 27/05/2018
Who We Are
James Ryburn, 15/04/2018
Easter Sunday
James Ryburn, 01/04/2018
Hearing From God
James Ryburn, 04/03/2018
Proverbial Mateship
James Rhyburn, 07/01/2018
Progressive Opposition
James Ryburn, 03/12/2017
3 Scenes, 2 Dreams
James Ryburn, 29/10/2017
James Ryburn, 17/09/2017
Gift Day 2
James Ryburn, 06/08/2017
Having a Son and Heir
James Ryburn, 04/06/2017
James Ryburn, 07/05/2017
Singleness & Marriage
James Ryburn, 26/02/2017
The Gospel View of Sex
James Ryburn, 19/02/2017
The Parable of the Good Samaritan
James Ryburn, 22/01/2017
The Parable of the Sower
James Ryburn, 06/11/2016
5. The Keys to Unlocking Our City for God
James Ryburn, 09/10/2016
3. Jonah and the Sailors
James Ryburn, 25/09/2016
The What, Why, How of Discipleship
James Ryburn, 24/07/2016
A Lifestyle of Grace
James Ryburn, 05/06/2016
Living Consistent
James Ryburn, 10/04/2016
Pray like Jesus
James Ryburn, 14/02/2016