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Guest Speakers 

Grace City Church is a part of a family of churches called Newfrontiers which is a connection of churches all over the world. (Read more here.)  Because of this, we have strong relationships with many other churches and their leaders, and periodically we will invite some of those leaders out to visit us and speak on a Sunday morning. Below is a list of the sermons by those guest speakers for you to listen to them. You can search by keywords, or by the speaker if you are looking for a specific sermon.

Sermons are listed by most recent at the top.
To search for keywords, press (ctrl + F) on a PC, or press (command + F) on a Mac.

The Kingdom of God is Near
Phil Wilthew, 15/11/2017
New Wineskins
Phil Wilthew, 19/11/2017
13 September 2017 – Evening Meeting
Steve van Rhyn, 13/09/2017
10 September 2017 – Evening
Steve van Rhyn, 10/09/2017
The Contrarian Effect of the Gospel
Steve van Rhyn, 10/09/2017
New Testament Worship
David Devenish, 19/03/2017
Biblical Eldership
David Devenish, 26/03/2017
The Hard Questions Regarding Paul's Teaching of Women's Roles in 1 Corinthians
David Devenish, 19/03/2017
In The World For God's Kingdom
David Devenish, 12/03/2017
The Death That Brought Life
Chloe Young, 08/05/2016
Islam to Christianity
Daniel Shayesteh, 01/05/2016
Living in the Chiros of God
Phil Wilthew, 24/04/2016
It's All About Jesus
Steve van Rhyn, 03/04/2016
1 Peter 1:1-2
Peter Henare, 13/03/2016
GCC Camp 2015 Session 3
Peter Henare, 25/10/2015
GCC Camp 2015 Session 2
Peter Henare, 24/10/2015
GCC Camp 2015 Session 1
Peter Henare, 24/10/2015
Joseph Pt3
Dave Devenish, 26/10/2014
Joseph Pt2
Dave Devenish, 25/10/2014
Joseph Pt1
Dave Devenish, 26/10/2014
Building Word and Spirit Churches 1
Terry Virgo, 07/04/2013
Jonah Church Camp 2013 Part 2
Terry Virgo, 03/03/2013
Jonah Church Camp 2013 Part 1
Terry Virgo, 02/03/2013
Foundations: Church
Terry Virgo, 24/02/2013
Foundations: Grace
Terry Virgo, 17/02/2013
Foundations: The Holy Spirit
Terry Virgo, 10/02/2013
Demolishing strongholds conference - session 5
David Devenish, 19/11/2011
Demolishing strongholds conference - session 4
David Devenish, 19/11/2011
Demolishing strongholds conference - session 3
David Devenish, 19/11/2011
Demolishing strongholds conference - session 2
David Devenish, 19/11/2011
Demolishing strongholds conference - session 1
David Devenish, 18/11/2011
Spirit of Adoption
Terry Virgo, 19/12/2010
Being robust courageous and released people
Terry Virgo, 05/12/2010
By faith Moses refused
Terry Virgo, 04/12/2010
Blessed to be a blessing
Terry Virgo, 28/11/2010