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Attention all Parents!

When was the last time you went out for dinner or a drink without the kids in tow? Impossible to find a babysitter? Can’t afford to pay for one?

Let us care for your kids while you take some time out to invest in your friendships, marriage, or time on your own. Go on a date, hang out with friends, watch TV on the couch, read a magazine with a cup of tea - whatever you desire.
Big Night Out will be a fun evening with the kids playing games and watching a big-screen movie while giving parents an opportunity to enjoy a Saturday evening out! 
We love blessing families and parents.

Remember to Register below so we can plan the evening accordingly for your children.

When: 05th May - 6 to 9pm
Where: GCC Building, Cnr Stella St & Grevillea St, Collaroy Plateau
Cost: Free

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Contact the office with any questions or to volunteer. 
Phone:  +61 2 9971 0222