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Kingdom Insurgence


Matthew had opted out of Religious life. For whatever reason, he turned his back on the devotions of his predecessors and decided to pursue a career. In doing so, he signed up to serve a
new regime, the order of the empire. He made money for Rome and then for himself. However, he hears of a new revolutionary figure, somebody from his own nation and ethnic group who seemed to subvert the order of both the empire and the religious elite.

In one incredible encounter, this leader calls Matthew to leave everything and follow him. But who is this leader and what is this insurgency really about? As an eyewitness who was utterly
convinced and transformed, he then decided to record these events so that we could know the answer to that question.

Come with us as we journey alongside the tax collector who signed up to the revolution and got swept up into a story that changed everything.


Kingdom Fail (download)
Sandra Atkins, 14/04/2019
Revolution Collapse (download)
Wes Dart, 07/04/2019
Kingdom Revolution (download)
Ola Odejayi, 31/03/2019
Revolutions Revolt (download)
James Ryburn, 24/03/2019
The Power of The Revolution (download)
Hew Nunn, 17/03/2019