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Love Dee Why 2018

You have heard about Love Dee Why 2018. Have a look at the list of events, and click to sign up as a volunteer.

Let's share the love we have received from God with our community!

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Sunday\14th of October\11am to 3pm*Imagine an Alpha launch for 100+ people at James Meehan Reserve with lunch provided by us. Come and help us organise this amazing event! We need YOU!
Wednesday and Thursday\10th and 11th October\2 to 4pm\Dee Why Beach* This year we'll be partnering with Take 3 to mobilise an army of volunteers to help clean Dee Why Beach. All ages are welcome!
Wednesday to Friday\10th to 12th October\9am to 12:30pm\GCC Building* Come and help wash the cars of the parents who will drop their kids in Kids Club!
Wednesday to Friday\10th to 12th October\9am to 12:30pm\GCC Building*Do you like coffee? Do you have a barista experience? Sign up now!
Wednesday\10th October\Evening\Various locations*If you enjoy cooking and sharing your food with people, this is for you! Cook a delicious homemade meal and deliver to one of our Foodcare Members.
Saturday\13th of October\10am to 4pm\Dee Why Beach*Family Fun Day is a day to bless and celebrate the beautiful suburb of Dee Why. Come and help us to serve our community in this amazing Family Friendly event.
Tuesday to Friday\09th to 12th October\8:45am to 5pm\GCC Building*Do you enjoy renovating, cleaning, painting and things alike? Click here to be part of our handy team!
Wednesday to Friday\10th to 12th October\9am to 12:30pm\GCC Building*We'll provide Kids Club for school-aged children during Love DY and we need your help to bless these kids and parents! Please sign up!
Wednesday to Friday\10th to 12th October\6:45 to 8am\Foodcare Shop*Morning Giveaways is a great way to serve our local residents and to help start their day with a smile and full tummy! Come help to distribute free muffins at Dee Why bus stops.
Wednesday to Friday\10th to 12th October\2 to 4pm\GCC Building*Would you like to impact our community? Do you have a passion to see people delivered and healed? If so, join us in this adventure!
Tuesday\9th of October\10am to 12pm\GCC Building*'When 2 or more are gathered...'Let's join our voices in prayer and faith for God to move and bring His salvation during Love Dee Why.
Thursday\11th October\10am to 1pm\War Vets*If you are a friendly person who likes to meet new people and serve the elderly, come and be a part of a War Vets Service. Free BBQ is included for all volunteers!