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Morning Giveaways 

Morning Giveaways is a great way to serve our local residents and to help start their day with a smile and a full tummy!

Come and help to distribute free muffins in Dee Why.

We will meet at the Foodcare centre as our base  and head out from  there to giveaway muffins to those on their way to work.

Here are the dates, time and local that we need volunteers:

Dates: Wednesday to Friday10th to 12th of October
Time: 6:45 to 8am
Location: meeting at Foodcare Shop - 902 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why

We'll have a morning prayer meeting from 08 to 08:45 am, at the GCC Building in Collaroy Plateau with all the volunteers to prepare for the day ahead.

Please come along and join us if you can.

Register below and choose the dates that work best for you. 

6,N,10,12, 30/08/2018

Yes, I want to help!

Please tick the days you can make:
Tuesday 9th?
Wednesday 10th?
Thursday 11th?
Friday 12th?
Saturday 13th?
Sunday 14th?

Have "Working with Children" clearance?

Have barista experience?