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Our Culture 

Culture shapes and makes us look and live in a certain way, so is of great importance to know what our culture is.

Christian culture is defined by God in the Bible, and as we read God's Word, we see the definition of His kingdom culture which we are to live out as His people.

Within this, we have found it helpful to define key aspects of our kingdom culture that highlight what we feel God is calling us to right now in Sydney Australia.

These are the 5 key elements of the way we want to live:


Living by faith, boldly stepping into the great adventure of following a faithful God.
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Living transparent lives, genuinely acknowledging our failures and victories, while depending on God to live with integrity and honesty.
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Living as Brothers and Sisters in Christ, fathers and mothers in the faith; a community of love from every walk of life.
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Discipling and positioning believers to embrace all that God has called them to be.
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Holding an unswerving commitment to worship and serve God passionately.
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