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Believing the Unbelievable
Hew Nunn
Hew continues our series in Acts talking about Peter's miraculous escape from prison.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 28.7MB)
  • Downloads: 46
  • Recorded: 12/11/2017
  • Length: 31 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 12:1-19
Evidence of the Grace of God
Kate Simmonds
Kate points out the evidence of God's grace that we see in Acts 11.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 51.3MB)
  • Downloads: 59
  • Recorded: 05/11/2017
  • Length: 38 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 11:19-30
3 Scenes, 2 Dreams
James Ryburn
James teaches us from the story of Peter and Cornelius's dreams in Acts 10.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 45.0MB)
  • Downloads: 90
  • Recorded: 29/10/2017
  • Length: 33 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 10
The Full Conversion Package
Jamie Brading
Jamie teaches from Acts the story of Saul's conversion.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 45.6MB)
  • Downloads: 107
  • Recorded: 22/10/2017
  • Length: 33 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 9:1-19
Mike Irving
Mike teaches us from the story of Philip and the Eunuch about how we can live our lives to be used by the Holy Spirit Daily.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 25.6MB)
  • Downloads: 145
  • Recorded: 15/10/2017
  • Length: 19 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 8:26-40
Gospel - Love Dee Why
Hew Nunn
Hew preaches the gospel during 'Church by the Beach' at the end of our community project week, Love Dee Why, where we served the community in several different areas. To see how it went, visit and join us next year!
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 31.4MB)
  • Downloads: 170
  • Recorded: 08/10/2017
  • Length: 22 minutes
Words vs Service
Adrian Tam
Adrian continues our series through Acts while speaking on the importance of the church balancing teaching of the Word with service to the community.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 52.8MB)
  • Downloads: 154
  • Recorded: 01/10/2017
  • Length: 38 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 6:1-15
Where is Your Heart?
Kate Simmonds
Kate teaches us from the shocking story of Ananias and Sapphira.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 41.8MB)
  • Downloads: 210
  • Recorded: 24/09/2017
  • Length: 30 minutes
James Ryburn
James carries us on in our series through Acts and talks about the boldness of Peter and John as they were taken into court.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 47.5MB)
  • Downloads: 211
  • Recorded: 17/09/2017
  • Length: 35 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 4:1-22
13 September 2017 – Evening Meeting
Steve van Rhyn
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 55.7MB)
  • Downloads: 158
  • Recorded: 13/09/2017
  • Length: 0 minutes