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Hew Nunn
Hew Nunn Talks about Authenticity in the church and the importance of making the church a safe place where people can truly be themselves and walk in what God has called them too.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 46.1MB)
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  • Recorded: 20/05/2018
  • Length: 34 minutes
Miles Simmonds
Miles talks about how the church can cultivate a culture of empowerment and how we can encourage people to grow and move forward in their walks with God.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 29.5MB)
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  • Recorded: 13/05/2018
  • Length: 33 minutes
5 Ways To Live
Mike Irving
Mike Starts of the new series on church culture by looking at five things we should be basing our church life and community around.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 33.3MB)
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  • Recorded: 06/05/2018
  • Length: 37 minutes
Life With Jesus
Adrian Tam
Adrian talks about Life with Jesus and the fruit that emerges when we are in Christ.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 33.8MB)
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  • Recorded: 29/04/2018
  • Length: 37 minutes
Love One Another
Kate Simmonds
Kate talks on loving the people around you, the struggles that comes with that and the importance of it in the church community.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 31.6MB)
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  • Recorded: 22/04/2018
  • Length: 35 minutes
Who We Are
James Ryburn
James talks about who we are in Christ and how we can find certainty in our identity when we root ourselves in Him.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 30.3MB)
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  • Recorded: 15/04/2018
  • Length: 33 minutes
Walking In The Light
Mike Irving
Mike starts the new series on 1 john by talking about walking in the light and the certainty of Gods character
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 37.9MB)
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  • Recorded: 08/04/2018
  • Length: 42 minutes
Easter Sunday
James Ryburn
James looks at the resurrection of Jesus through the eyes of Mary (one of Jesus's followers) and at the question of whether Jesus is who he says he is, the evidence to support this and the call to respond.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 34.2MB)
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  • Recorded: 01/04/2018
  • Length: 38 minutes
Good Friday
Sandra Atkins
Sandra talks through the events of the crucifixion of Christ and the significance that it holds for the Christian faith.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 15.9MB)
  • Downloads: 101
  • Recorded: 30/03/2018
  • Length: 0 minutes
The Holy Spirit (Panel)
Mike Irving
Mike talks about the Holy Spirit with a panel of different people from the church all providing different areas that the spirit is practically involved in their lives.
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MP3 Audio (192Kbps, 28.4MB)
  • Downloads: 133
  • Recorded: 25/03/2018
  • Length: 32 minutes