A new church for the Hills and NorthWest Sydney


Be a part of new and fresh expression of church in the Hills and Sydney NorthWest. 


If you are not part of an existing church or you’d like to explore questions around the meaning of life, Christianity, spirituality, injustice, inequality, happiness, success, truth, wholeness, creativity— why not join us to explore these questions together.


You’ll discover the depth of God’s grace and love who makes all things known in Jesus.


If you’ve just moved into the area and looking to join a church or cultivate new friendships, we are keen to connect with you. 


Our most profound joy is to work for the total wellbeing of our local neighbourhoods and to journey with you so you can live out God’s best for you.


Be a part of an exciting, refreshing and life giving adventure.


Let us discover and experience the beauty, generosity and grace of God in Jesus together. 


To join the planning team or find out more, please fill out the form below.

We’ll send you a welcome pack and ‘Next Step’ info. You can also email:


Inviting you into a life changing friendship with Jesus! 


Ola & Ramona