Real Life Heroes

There once was a man who gathered a small group of people in his home to pray for the Jewish nation. One hundred years later God used his Granddaughter as a superhero to rescue many of these people. Her name was Corrie Ten Boom. She lived in Netherlands during the Second World War.


WHEN Corrie was growing up, she had lots of Jewish neighbours and friends. But when her country was invaded it became dangerous to be a Jew and to be friends with Jewish people.


One night there was a knock at their door. It was a frightened Jewish lady looking for help. Corrie’s father didn’t ask any questions. He said in ‘our household, God’s people are always welcome’.


Corrie’s home became a safe place for Jewish people to come and find protection from those trying to hurt them. In Corrie’s bedroom they built a special place to hide Jewish people so the soldiers couldn’t find them.

But someone told the dangerous people about this. One day the soldiers stormed into Corrie's house and arrested everyone they could find. They took corrie and her sister – but they didn’t find the seven hiding in the special room!


Corrie was imprisoned and spent a lot of time locked away for helping the Jewish people.


After the war she was set free but was faced with another difficult decision. Should she and could she forgive those who locked her away and hurt all those people.


One day Corrie saw a guard who had caused so much pain for her and others. He was asking her to forgive him, she said that this was the hardest thing she would ever have to do. Corrie knew that the bible teaches us to forgive others because we have been forgiven. So she prayed “Jesus help me” and then she shook the man’s hand. Corrie said “I had never known Gods love so intensely as I did then “


Corrie Ten Boom


Story taken from Game changers World Shakers and real life heroes-

Written by Ainsley and Jamie Freeman

Creators Olive tree media