Real Life Heroes

Betty Cuthbert


Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive. But Elizabeth “Betty” Cuthbert was almost as quick. She could run very fast. As a young girl her room was full of the different ribbons, medals and trophies that she kept winning.

Betty became one of Australia’s best runners and she went to several Olympic Games. In her career she achieved world records and won many medals. Betty was Australia’s “Golden girl”.

Before her first Olympics. Betty’s grandparents shared a favourite Bible verse. This verse reminded Betty that she could run a good race if she trusted in God for her strength. This Bible verse would become very important for the rest of her life.

When Betty retired from running she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This is a condition where you slowly lose the ability to run, walk, talk and move. What terrible news for a world class runner to hear. Imagine knowing that one day you wouldn’t be able to walk or talk?

But Betty had a different attitude. She remembered the Bible verse her Grandmother had given her – the verse about trusting God. Betty knew that it was God who would give her the strength she needed to keep going. So instead of asking “why” this was happening to her, or being angry that God didn’t heal her, Betty trusted God.

Betty lived with MS for the rest of her life, but she used her God-given courage to help others with the disease too. She may not have been able to run forever, but she ran the race God had planned for her. She used her life to help others. Betty was a world record holding game changer.



Story taken from Game changers World Shakers and real life heroes-

Written by Ainsley and Jamie Freeman

Creators Olive tree media