Northern Beaches

Happy New Year


From this Sunday, the 17th, we are back to meeting every Sunday at 10 am at our church building on Collaroy Plateau and we would love to see you there.


We will be adhering to Covid-19 restrictions and will be pressing into God, coming with faith and expectation to meet with Him and to encourage and build each other up. Whether we can sing or not, we will praise God, and we will share from the Word and hear from the Spirit.


There won’t be children’s work on the 17th or 24th but kids are most welcome. The doors to the play area will be open for kids to go in and out as they wish during the service. Let’s enjoy God together with our kids.


We are restricted by Covid regulations as to how many are allowed in the building, so while it is totally ok to turn up on the day, it would be better to register to avoid disappointment.



You can find all our preachings and worship in Grace City Church Youtube Channel


We meet in different homes during the week to delve into God's word, fellowship and encourage each other.


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