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News from Everyday Church, Adelaide by Lynton Stacey

Everyday Church began at the start of 2019 as a plant out of a traditional church, but it is a different expression of church. We meet in five Missional Homes most of the time, and only come together for a larger Celebration Gathering once a month. During the week some members of a Missional Home may meet together in a smaller group to discuss deeper life issues in a Christian context. In this way we become family to each other, doing life together.


At our heart is mission and discipleship. We desire to connect everyday people with Jesus every day. We do this by sharing our everyday lives to make disciples who in turn make disciples. We seek to establish relationships with unchurched or dechurched people so that they have a sense of belonging before believing.


We have seen the Holy Spirit at work with people going deeper in their faith. Tough times have actually been beneficial as we rely on God rather than ourselves. And we have seen people from outside of any church become part of our family and experience spiritual growth.


We praise God for bringing us into the Regions Beyond family, who have been such a blessing to us. Now we want to be able to bless others within the family.