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Philippians: Life Together In Him

As a church we are going through an 8 week series on Philippians, half of which will be done in 2019, breaking over Christmas to complete the series in Jan 2020. The letter has a lot to say to us in our current context. Though it was birthed in hardship, the good work that God started, he certainly brought to completion (Phil 1:6).


It's encouraging to know that we are God’s church, he has started a good work in us, and he will make sure that he brings it to completion. The letter also paints a wonderful picture of what a local church can be when it looks to reflect the self-sacrificing love of the saviour. We can have unity among the church family, and we will shine like stars in the sky to the world around us, what a fantastic thing to look to emulate. We are excited to explore this book together.

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8th December ~ Philippians 4

Steve Brading

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