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For the past few weeks, we have been learning about the seven I AM statements Jesus made, which are recorded in the book of John.

Each time Jesus says “I AM,” he is saying that he is God. Each I AM statement also reveals to us a new part of Jesus’ character. It tells us a little more about who Jesus is.

So far, we have learned that he is the Bread of Life, and fills up all our spiritual needs.
We have also learned that he is the Light of the World, and he lights up our spiritual darkness.
We learned that Jesus is the door to the sheepfold, and the only entrance to salvation and the Good Shepherd who sacrificed his life for our lives.

Today we will study a story that many of you may be familiar with, and we will learn some deep and amazing things about Jesus while we’re at it.


Please read John 11 and then watch the movie below.



- Print the templates
- Colour in the first page
- Cut our both circles
- Make a small hole into the middle of the circles and stick a metal brad through it. Open and bend the legs


Here is how the craft is going to look once is ready.